Materials & More


Getting it Right!

We work closely with your Chemists to make sure the material meets your specifications. Yes, there are "drop in" solutions; but, we also recognize the road to approval needs to be paved with a pragmatic and prudent process.


Where to start?  We provide Base, Process & Specialty oils from Paraffin and Naphthenic molecules. We supply Group I, Group II , Group III, & Group IV as well as traditional "pale oils" for a full spectrum of choices.


We specialize in bulk shipments via Tank Truck and Rail Car to locations within the US and Canada.

Customer Service

We know the importance of your business and as such we are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to support you! 


We do all we can to protect the environment as we have many "green initiatives" within our business and in concert with our customers.

Community Service

Our organization supports local charities and also supports the charities of our customers.